EFS Carnival 2018 | The Supermom Award
December 9, 2018

In commemoration of the Year of Zayed, EFS believes in empowering and honoring the working women & recognizes their sacrifices of being away from home with the Supermom Award

On strong shoulders

Aidha has left her 6-month-old daughter to work and provide for the family. Her mother suffers from cancer, and Aidha is the only earning member in the family with the responsibility of her sick mom, daughter and younger brothers and sisters.

Missing moments

Samjhana misses her daughter who she left behind with her mother when she was 19 months. She feels very helpless that she has missed all childhood moments of her daughter.

Motherhood well-defined

Sherpa is the only working member of the family and has 2 sons. Her husband is sick with breathing problems & her mother looks after her sons. She is working tirelessly here so she can attend to her children’s wishes and cater to her husband’s treatment.

Right to raise

Janice got to know she wouldn’t be able to conceive after an ovarian cyst surgery. Not letting that stop her, Janice recently adopted a 5 month old baby boy and hopes to meet him soon.

Hello, mom

Hasifah has a 2-year-old child, youngest child in the family and is a mother of 4 kids. They live in a large joint family of 12 members. She stays away from talking to her kids daily as everyday costs of data package don’t allow her to send enough home. She misses her children a lot and ponders if her kids have eaten or not when she goes for her meals.

The absence of fun in festivities

Ranjita is a single mom who came back to Dubai after leaving her baby boy at her mum’s house in her home country. She has few relatives whom she hangs out with but the absence of her son on festivals and occasions is irreplaceable.

A network so strong

Anita is a single parent of a 4-year-old. Her child often falls ill and has frequent visits to the hospital. She left home to support her family and wishes that she can meet them as the network coverage is very weak in her village to make video calls.

Wishing the best of both worlds

Mutesi Annet is doing a tremendous job and always engages and motivate her team with her positive attitude but somewhere down the line she misses her son and longs to meet him.

Motherhood bite-size

Sarah has a kid who is five years old. Her biggest challenge is to stay away from her family as she received a call from her mother that her 5-year-old was sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. When she sees some good food stuff, she misses her a lot and frets for her even more.

A fervent prayer

Maya recalls of the difficult moment when they had to take her daughter to the doctor as a pomegranate seed got stuck up her nostril when she was 2 and a half years old. When Maya misses her daughter she goes to the temple to pray for her family back home.

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