November 25, 2017

Mother’s Day celebrations are always slightly extended towards the end of the year at EFS. Rabina Bishwakarma, our dedicated housekeeping staff was among the lucky few to win an amazing 3-month paid leave to visit her hometown through the EFS Carnival 2017. A very welcomed win!


Rabina was introduced to this soulful journey at EFS in 2015. She was hired as part of the housekeeping staff to support cleaning services for projects in Abu Dhabi for Al Kattim, followed by Abdulla Bin Rawa and she is currently working at a project site.

Her routine activities begin with a shift that starts at 6 am and ends at 5 pm. After coming back home she starts her daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and getting organized. She habitually calls her family daily in the evenings, asking them those typical questions any working mom far away from home would want to know the answers to.
Little did she know, that there was really something special in store for her.

At the EFS Carnival 2017, Rabina was among the lucky winners to get a 3-month paid leave to visit her hometown. Hailing from Nepal, Rabina is the stronghold of a family of three daughters: Aarti, Phufila, Renuka and her husband: Manbahadur.

She was shocked and beyond thrilled by the win- and she was very excited to put the phone routine on hold for a few months while she got to have these chats in person!

Her trip back home was a joyride gathering a lot of unforgettable moments shared with her family, especially her youngest daughter Renuka. When we talk about unexpected things – we usually refer to them in a negative connotation, however, this was one surprise that was very welcomed!

Rabina notes that EFS is a positive place to work and has always been supportive. She is very happy and thankful for her trip. It’s the unexpected blessings that are so powerful. We all have our routines and are often times away from home, so when something great happens, it can really give someone a much-needed boost.

Her colleague and roommate Meena used to hear stories of Rabina’s family but this time, Meena was given the first look from Rabina with a live feed all the way from Nepal. That’s what so many moms do – manage all the roles they juggle and move all the worlds they are a part of.

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