A million dollar smile
September 15, 2018

It all began with that million dollar smile at the Breakfast with CEO event! Inoka Dona is our bold and beautiful housekeeping staff who can’t wait to flaunt her team strengths at the event and express a joy of being an EFSian


Inoka Dona has been a part of the EFS family for about three years now. She began her journey as a housekeeping staff whilst now she holds the position of a Trainee Supervisor for one of EFS’ premium banking client.

She happened to share a very impromptu dialogue at the Breakfast with CEO this year. She was the one with a gleaming smile among the crowd at the event who had the opportunity of interacting with the Group CEO.

Inoka is very connected with her mother back in her home country, Sri Lanka. She happened to be one among the enlightened lot on the Self-Actualization talk delivered by the CEO.

She is very grateful to EFS for giving her a platform to learn and enhance her skills and knowledge as she has successfully completed the BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science) Training. Newly placed into the role of Trainee Supervisor, she also takes great pride in her team for considering them one among the best across all projects.

She continues to showcase her impactful performance on site.




Unsung Heroes


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