Behind The Scenes: Training for The Greatest Show On Earth – Abdallah Al Hosani
August 11, 2021

EFS launches today a special campaign: Behind The Scenes: Training for The Greatest Show On Earth! In a series of videos, we will go behind the curtain of how EFS trains recruited talent for the incredible work opportunity to represent UAE’s diversity on the world’s stage. In this interview series, we will
get to discover the trainees and their dreams, aspirations, and journey to the greatest show on earth.

In the first episode, we meet Abdallah Al Hosani, a young Emirati who embarked on this journey as a Supervisor Pavilion Visitor Services. Abdallah’s diverse background is a testimony to the curiosity of learning more about the world. With native management skills, Abdallah is a natural-born leader with a growth mindset and a perfect fit for his role in the greatest show on earth. “I am looking forward to representing my country in this role as a proud Emirati and get to share our culture with the world. EFS provided the perfect opportunity, environment, and training to be part of a once in a lifetime career moment.”

“I believe you will see me shine, On Earth, on My Pavilion, with My Team!”

Watch Abdallah’s full story and follow the journey behind the scenes on the way to The Greatest Show on Earth!


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