September 7, 2018

This is more than just breakfast. It’s food for the soul


Engagement is a cornerstone in any prosperous organization. Building and solidifying internal relations is absolutely pivotal to achieving true overall success within the company. When employees are connected and the corporate family creates an open, innovative and diverse environment, people and the company will thrive.

This was the main motivation behind introducing Breakfast with the CEO. Events like this shape the relationships inside EFS and help to develop positive exchanges. Calling the event “an exciting opportunity”, Tariq said: “We will continue our focus on employee outreach efforts and remain a ‘people first’ organization.” “Employees are the core asset of a facilities services organization like EFS,” Tariq stated, attributing the company’s massive growth to its toiling employees and FM being a people business through multiple dimensions.

The global EFS family today spans over 18,000 members from 35 plus nationalities. This breakfast session is initiated as the new working link between the management and blue-collar employees. “We believe that the breakfast is an open forum – it’s a small token of our appreciation of the immense contribution made by our blue-collar workforce towards establishing the brand,” Tariq noted.


Corporate Social Responsibility


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