September 27, 2018

It all started with green tea, but our dedicated Office Boy Santhosh Pottavathri has his sights set on a whole lot more


Santhosh Pottavathri, has been working with EFS for three successful years. He too said his goodbyes to his family in India and set out into the world in hopes of making his own mark.

Since joining, his EFSian life has only continued to grow and expand. Santhosh started working with one of EFS’s known projects as a housekeeping staff and after only 6 months he came to the EFS Head Office in Dubai. He shuffled between rotational shifts for two years and finally received the title of an Office Assistant. Santhosh is very determined to keep up his career growth and he says his goals are clear-cut – he wants to advance his own professional development while being an advocate for positive change.

Santhosh stays focused and keeps his ties to his family strong. He quite impressively doesn’t miss a day of bonding with his family back home and does a great job of staying in touch. He is always proactive and takes the initiative in employee engagement activities under the guidance of the Employee Engagement & Happiness Manager. He is a really wonderful example of how simplicity and being a fulfilled individual can feed career advancement.

His contributions are a shining example of how we all play a significant role in the success of the company and in its smoothly flowing operations. Whenever there are meetings, Santhosh arranges all the required equipment, stationery and refreshments in the boardroom prior to the commencement of the meeting. He wants to make a lasting impression. He always prefers to get feedback so he can keep delivering the best. The CEO notes that he is so driven, he always remembers people’s preferences and asks on a regular basis if they liked their particular beverage and he was very impressed by that gesture.

With a dream to build a house for his parents, he also aims to become a member if the HR Admin support staff. Thanks to the employee-centric approach at EFS, Santhosh wants to keep on getting better. He is very grateful to EFS for having been there at every step, and with a will like his we know we will be seeing many more great things to come!

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