EFS Carnival 2018 | The Unsung Spouse Award
December 9, 2018

In commemoration of the Year of Zayed, EFS believes in appreciating and applauding the unsung spouses of EFS’ diligent workforce who tirelessly and dedicatedly take care of the responsibilities back in their hometown through the Unsung Spouse Award

Love and companionship simply connected

Rustum Ansari’s wife has been taking full responsibility of his sick mother and their daughters for the past 22 years with her strong and supportive nature. The secret of their companionship is by sending letters and talking to each other atleast twice a day.

Save the best for the best

Chandrabhan Yadav Ram Dhari’s  wife tackles every situation with practical solutions which really inspires him. Both, Chandrabhan and his wife have not had a strong educational background but want their children to get the best and maintain a strong friendship with the children. Chandrabhan currently wishes to buy a gold chain for his wife, as all his savings so far have been spent on his childrens education.

A strong-willed soul

Manikandan Kaliyan has not gone for a holiday for the past 2 years. His wife is suffering from a slipped disc and cannot move without the support of others. As a family with 3 children, his wife took up additional responsibilities of household work to provide additional income for the family. She currently needs to undergo surgery.

A World of our own

Qamar Abbasi considers his wife to be his partner in happiness. With her support, Qamar believes he can achieve success in every task. She takes care of his joint family back home with total love and happiness. In the future, he plans to buy a house for his wife and family.

Happiness over health

Linton’s wife has breathing problems and frequent pain in the chest, but still manages to carry out all the responsibilities as a strong wife, especially towards their daughter’s education. She ensures that he doesn’t feel the stress and pressures of any matters at home.

Love per plate

Saeed Javed cherishes the moment when he is back home having food with his wife from one plate. Saeed’s wife single-handedly takes care of all responsibilities not only for Saeed’s family but her family as well.

Special needs, extra ordinary deeds   

Mohammad Saghir’s wife takes care of their two special kids back in their hometown with daughter aged 14 years and a son of 10. His wife has taken great pains to raise children with extra needs and support the family in his absence.

Room full of perseverance

Nadeem got married late due financial problems and family responsibilities. Currently his whole family stays in just one room with his wife taking care of the all the responsibilities. He wishes for his son to grow up with a strong education so that he wont have to go through the hardships that he is facing currently.

Courage to care

Kamran’s wife very efficiently takes care of their children, the responsibilities & their needs, especially for one of his daughter who was born with illness. If he wins this award, he will dedicate it to his wife and keep some amount for their daughter’s treatment

Being a stress-buster

Majeed’s wife is facing a lot of challenges daily and she always supports him in every stressful situation, be it at work or at home. Majeed feels blessed with the rapport she shares with his parents and takes care of them like her own

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