EFS Bridging the Gap – English Language Program: Priyangani Mojitha
July 7, 2021

How is the EFS English Language Program changing the experiences of our colleagues?

In this episode, we meet Priyangani Mojitha, who shares how the English Language Program changed her ability to interact. Priyangani joined EFS four years ago, and as a Housekeeping Team Leader, she is always in close communication with her colleagues and end-users. Priyangani enrolled in our English Language Program developed in partnership with Mirai Partners and achieved progress in a short span, motivated by the endless opportunities that learning could open for her. As a result, Priyangani’s confidence levels in the workplace have increased, improving the collaborative work environment, and she is motivating her peers to start their learning journey as well.

EFS English Language Program has been developed in partnership with Mirai Partners by bringing the AI assessments tool to track and evaluate blue-collar workers’ English language literacy levels across the group and help the learning and development specialists devise a personalised language education program to bridge the linguistic gap.

Watch Priyangani Mojitha’s story now!


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