EFS Carnival 2018 | The Time To Give Back Award
December 9, 2018

In commemoration of the Year of Zayed,


EFS believes in upholding the roots and giving back tenfold in deeds through the Time To Give Back Award


A breadwinner’s run

Habibur Rehman’s father is suffering from diabetes for more than 10 years. Being the eldest son of the family, Habibur religiously sends almost 85% of his monthly salary for his treatment & cure

Making visions clearer

Kamal Ismaili’s mother is regularly undergoing treatment for her eyes as well as her weak leg. Kamal is trying his best  to cater to his 70-year-old mother’s financial and medical needs

Hope is never bed-ridden

Vinod Kumar’s mother has been in a partially paralyzed state for over one year and he has been funding her treatment despite being away from home

Bringing back the breath of fresh air

Genrel Pastrana’s parents are above 70 years and are suffering from tuberculosis and asthma. Till date, she has never neglected their treatment and has always put their health as her first priority

 Miles for medicine

Firoz Alam’s mother and father live in a village, both are in their 70s and have blood pressure problems. On weekly basis Firoz’s aged parents travel distances for their follow up checks to the city

A wishful holiday

Muhammad Arif’s father is 72 years old and he is suffering from kidney stones for the past 10 years. Arif was lucky enough to go on his leave as he could take care of his discharged father.

 Crutch-free promises

Mina Man’s father is above 73 years old. He has been a victim of paralysis since 2014. Mina Man prays and wishes that his father will cope with this and stay in the best of health for years to come

 Being the sight of hope

Kanchi Tamang ‘s father aged 73 has loss of vision because of an occurrence of a brain haemorrhage. He has already undergone one corrective surgery earlier this year. The doctors have now recommended for a major neurosurgery for his impaired sight that would roughly come up to AED 530

 Being the wind beneath her feet

Taj Ud Din’s mother is 73 years old and is currently dealing with a fracture in her knees & leg. Her feeble state has made her depend on a wheelchair for any voluntary movement for almost 2 years. The estimated cost for her surgery as suggested by the Medical Consultant is almost AED 10,500

Turning brighter for the better

Korshed’s father is above 70 years and has a deficiency in his sight. Korshed is the only working member of the family with 3 kids, his wife and his father. For the love of his father, Korshed has recently funded his father’s surgery and post-surgery medication despite his financial stress

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