June 6, 2018

Horsepower is more than just strength. It is the power of healing, here, at the Al Marmoom Initiative, students with special needs are supported and taught through equine therapy and gardening


The Al Marmoom Initiative wonderfully highlights the significance of animal-related healing through practical sessions that can assist special needs students with their development in many ways, especially physically and mentally. The bond we share with animals and nature is a powerful one, and often it can create a special connection that truly broadens our minds and makes our hearts happy.

Equestrian education comprises of students learning to ride and work on the ground with horses. Through these activities, the students improve balance, increase muscle strength, learn horse and stable management and above all else increase their confidence and independence. Through the greenhouses, students receive vocational and practical training on how to care for plants from seedling through to potting, packaging and sale. This also helps to reiterate the cycle of growth and nurturing in an interactive way.

The EFS Saviors are always delighted to visit and volunteer at the foundation. Who wouldn’t love spending time with a group of great kids and horses while doing some gardening too? In observance of World Environment Day, EFS planted new saps onsite which will keep growing as they stand tall and proud – just like this excellent initiative.

All horses out there possessed calm temperament and gentle manners. At the foundation, they undergo extensive training and conditioning so they are able to connect and share a conducive bond with students.

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