August 24, 2018

This young soul is the epitome of the Never Say Never attitude, Shivam Jain, our Commercial Analyst mapped out his own goals and success just poured in


Our personal stories say so much about us. Although we are not exactly defined by our experiences, we can all relate to having those defining moments in life. Even if we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can certainly take responsibility and work on controlling how we react. Just like Shivam does – and says that these principles apply just the same in life and in work. Growing up in a traditional setting in India, he thankfully has a strong foundation of values instilled by his family, which have made him the responsible and diligent person he is. In fact, he refers to himself as an old head on young shoulders.

Shivam’s story with EFS started in 2014 when he joined as a Management Trainee and within just 4 years he has admirably evolved into a Commercial Analyst closely working with the Business Development Team on commercial bids and proposals. Now, this didn’t happen overnight, but hey time really does fly when you are busy. And he was very busy staying focused on his professional goals.

He truly believes that working with EFS has given him the tools to have a strong and progressive career along with a platform to share knowledge and opportunities. He says the various technical and management training combined with the strong mentorship support is invaluable. He has realized that adaptability is a necessary trait to have in all spheres of life.

His fundamentals of working are pretty clear, “I take responsibility and accountability in whatever work is assigned to me and am a strict follower of performing work with competence and due care.”

And it’s true. His record speaks for itself. Shivam has performed and excelled in three different roles within EFS. From a Management Trainee to a Junior Accountant and now to a Commercial Analyst, he seems to have learnt from the exuberant exposure given to him that makes him understand the flow of business, not only at EFS but throughout the entire industry.

It is this type of approach that keeps work more enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Taking ownership of our successes and our failures only make us more equipped for growth. It also sharpens those management skills! Shivam continues to use that sense of adaptability to his advantage as he makes his way through the office from cabins to workstations to meeting rooms, getting each task done. Most of all, he really knows what it is to be a millennial with a success quotient. If it’s on Shivam’s desk – rest assured, the task will be done!

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