Home Again
November 17, 2018

Anish Chari is as happy as he seems and on the day of the Breakfast with CEO had the opportunity to discuss and keep his point of view in front of the Group CEO


Prior to joining EFS, Anish worked in a movie theatre, did carpentry additionally worked at a mobile store. Today he is one among the efficient office boys for EFS’ prominent Oil & Gas client.

On the day of the Breakfast with CEO, Anish had the opportunity of expressing his gratitude towards EFS especially for putting the HR MADAD system in place where the voice of the workforce is heard and acted upon.

He also spoke of how important it is to have family-time to maintain a good work-life balance. Anish was thrilled to share his experience with the amenities and platform EFS provides in order to promote family-time and looks forward to the Wi-Fi connection to be set in the staff accommodation.

He joyously anticipates for what EFS has in store for him and continues to showcase his services for the project.

There are many like Anish who have found their home away from home in EFS.


Unsung Heroes


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