March 29, 2018

Help and assistance are at the forefront of HR MADAD, a platform that provides personalized services for EFS employees to interact with the HR team directly to address any concerns and give suggestions


We all know that our wellbeing is connected to every aspect of our lives, and that includes the workplace. The HR MADAD system is in line with EFS’ happiness strategy and delivery model, which puts employee welfare and the staff’s wellbeing at the centre of the organization’s internal goals.

With this approach, employees are encouraged to be technologically driven, self- sufficient and engaged – which in turn, leads to high staff satisfaction rates and enhanced business productivity.

The HR MADAD portal acts as a support system which takes suggestions, enquiries and grievances giving every employee an equal opportunity to express themselves and make their voices heard.

This platform gets its name from the Hindi word ‘madad’ which means ‘help’. Be it HR assistance or flagging incidents and suggestions to counselling and advice, the HR MADAD stays a step ahead in hearing the opinions of its large and incredibly valued workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility


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