August 15, 2018

Go-getter Razak Kunheedutty Anengat is our committed Technician who tackles Painting and Plumbing with speed and zest


A true team player, Razak Kunheedutty Anengat, works as a Painter and Plumber for EFS Bahrain. He embodies the core values and principles that have guided EFS for more than 17 years, and he does it with uplifting enthusiasm.
Razak is from Kerala, India and joined EFS from in 2009. Since his appointment, Razak has made a mark for himself through his outstanding service, high levels of self-motivation, and tireless efforts in his daily tasks.

He’s not only proactive, but Razak also offers innovative ideas and always goes beyond the call of duty to help us improve our services offerings. His sound technical knowledge and experience often come handy in quickly resolving the critical issues faced by our clients.

In the past, Razak rectified a major domestic water leakage issue in one of his projects, which consisted of more than 52 floors, housing more 2500+ employees. Working in an extremely confined space demanded great concentration, skills, and patience, Razak solved the problem in a timely and effective manner while avoiding any impact on the building’s residents.

The EFS management recognized and appreciated Razak’s commitment, dedication, and laudable achievements. He received the employee of the month award in February 2017. Even though we don’t do everything we do just for recognition, there is no denying that to be acknowledged for our accomplishments is a great feeling. In fact, it is an essential element to any successful organization. It also boosts morale and keeps everyone motivated – and Razak can attest to that.




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