October 14, 2018

When the going gets tough, Rijo Rajan, our Assistant Facilities Engineer reflects on the words of his mother and bounces back with his stellar performance


Originally from India, Rijo has been with EFS for a year now as a Trainee Engineer. He comes from a very close family and says he is so grateful to his parents for teaching him the many lessons that have helped him in his life and at work. He stresses on the importance of moving forward, no matter what we are faced with, you just have to keep going.

This is something he applies to his work with absolute conviction. He happily took on a lot of new responsibilities this past year and when things really started to pick up, he received a lot of support from his team and his manager. And there has not been a dull moment yet. The increase in tasks, he says has helped him become an individual of substance.

The hard work, long hours and dedication put into overcoming a snag or making a deadline, carry the best lessons and Rijo knows they provide for the best learning experiences. He also believes value addition to be an integral part of any job. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all focus on the real benefits of working late while we were actually working late? That one is probably a tough skill for any of us to master! It can be hard for anyone to focus on the positives while you are working after hours!

It doesn’t stop or discourage Rijo. His vision for the next five years? He wants to be actively involved in managing successful projects and supporting the younger generation of skilled labour workers while being happy and content along the way.

Rijo does not and will not shy away from hard work. He continues to ensure superior and timely delivery. He has learned to take ownership of the task at hand and he is not afraid to put in the extra hours or effort because that’s what it takes to build a sustainable enterprise.

When he was younger, his mother always inspired him in pressing times by saying “This too shall pass” and Rijo keeps her wise words close to him. It keeps him humble during the good times and gives strength during the hard ones and his journey so far has been with purpose. After all, they say that sometimes the only way to know it is to live it, and Rijo is certainly reminding us all of that.

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