July 6, 2018

Falak Ahmad Al Jshi is a strong lady with a million-dollar smile that was hiding a million hardships


Falak, a Palestinian widow with 3 children Ridah (7) Abdul Kareem (8) and Abdullah (9) lives in a small studio in Ajman. Like any mother, Falak wants the best for her children and hopes she will somehow be able to provide just that. She is unemployed and the children attend the Manar Al Eman School of Charity. Life has been quite demanding, and things haven’t been easy. She has had to face so many obstacles on her own. Fear really set in when her final rent instalment was due and she couldn’t make the payment. She was drowning in the horrific thought of her children losing their home.

After losing her husband Adnan Albazooni in October 2014, the Albazooni family has been through thick and thin while trying to survive. Falak has been a pillar of strength for her three children.

Falak had hoped to provide a better education for her children and a life filled with fun activities that they so thoroughly enjoy. She can only afford to cook certain types of food and she wants nothing more than to be able to fill her fridge with all sorts of edibles her kids would love to have all the time.

It was that time of the year for praying and giving: Ramadan. Falak’s zest for wanting to give her kids the best was undeniable, she was fiercely protective of them and would not give in to being discouraged.

It was a special and rewarding Ramadan at EFS as the company delivered gift and food hampers to Falak and her children as well as some special surprises for the children to enjoy. And in a move that would save Falak from another sleepless night filled with worry, EFS also reached out to help her with that dreaded rent instalment.

She was overcome with emotion. Falak says the gratitude her and her children felt is indescribable. She says it has transformed their life and she cannot express how it felt to see the joy on the faces of Ridah, Abdul Kareem and Abdullah. Stories like this, remind us all that no matter what we see nowadays, good deeds and good people do exist and by helping each other, we can make all the difference in the world.


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