Customer Service Ambassador In Disguise
August 6, 2019

Hear from Solomon Nwankwo, our vigilant Security Guard who follows certain principles of interacting with his people and life in general


Introduce yourself to us and your journey at EFS?
I come all the way from Nigeria and a wholesome Nwankwo Family of nine members. I am a dedicated Security Guard at the EFS Head Office. The one thing that keeps me enthusiastic about my role here at EFS, is the energy and the vibe that travels across every employee in the office which also reflects in the People First motto of EFS.

Describe a typically hectic day at work for you?
To begin with the basics, my routine starts with greeting our people at EFS. At times to manage protocol I undergo a substantial amount of interaction with visitors especially during peak hours of the day. It all comes down to making people feel secure, customer-oriented and most importantly protect the interest of the facility I manage.

2) What are your hobbies?
I try to indulge myself with Gospel Music, reading to enhance my communication skills and exploring new places.

3) Your take on…
Family – Family makes me feel complete
Life – When the going gets tough I look at life as a happy journey
Health – Good health is a symbol of continuity
Food – The source to live has to always be respected


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