Bio Clean Services

EFS Bio Clean stands out as the best sanitization and cleaning company in UAE by offering the most reliable Lab tested and Bio Safe Solutions.

Disinfection is highly encouraged by experts across industries and commercial sectors to prevent severe outbreaks from unhealthy build-up.

Bio-clean is a practice of high-level façade cleaning for a wide range of sectors including schools, hospitals, commercial sectors, and industrial factories. We are considered one of the best cleaning companies in the UAE.

EFS as a disinfection company functions on the approval of the Dubai Municipality. Our methodology is aligned with the BICSc Standards and partakes in specialized execution of sanitizing and deodorizing the traumatic or harmful sites.

We also have the expertise to control and eliminate the dangers of the coronavirus breathing on the surface of tangible objects.

We offer cleaning services executed by an in-house, fully equipped, and trained team. Other than standard bio-cleaning services, we also offer detection of microbiological residues upon request.

We ensure the safety of both our specialists and the clients while thorough in and out clean-up is conducted to eliminate any harmful residue.  

EFS’ Bio Clean facility has experienced a rise in demand since the Covid 19. Under such vulnerable circumstances, we have strengthened our team and have taken the steps to reassure the quality of our service.

Our disinfection and cleaning services are also consistently hired in the residential sector.

We send a well-equipped team to cover thousands of square ft for disinfection.

24/7 Operation Availability

Fully Equipped & Trained Team

Dubai Municipality Approved

Lab-tested and Bio-Safe Solutions

Aligned with BICSc Standards

Detection Request of Microbiological Residues


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